Trevor Twells

Trevor Twells

Social Entrepreneur, Design Strategist and Artist

I Am Still Here: Black Joy is Resistance

MakeRoom Partnered with Union Station to curate a 4 month exhibit in Toronto’s busiest transit hub. Sponsored by TD.

The Space Project, by MakeRoom Inc

MakeRoom Inc is a non-profit whose projects aim to enable emerging and BIPOC artists with the funds, access and space to reach broader audiences.

Its first and main initiative, The Space Project enables artists to submit their work to our online platform, which then gets projected on to real physical spaces at night

Limited Run: Building Space, by MakeRoom

In Collaboration with the City of Toronto, MakeRoom Inc was commissioned to curate two rotating galleries that would be projected onto two major buildings within the city.

HLP Reallocations: Solving a 20 Year Problem

Role: Design Lead

Home Line Plan (HLP) Reallocations is a mortgage product provided by RBC. Using this, customers can leverage their equity like a credit card for large purchases. The rules around HLP are fairly complex and has been a knowledge hurdle for decades often frustrating advisors, this caused a multitude of issues for fulfillment.

TELUS Billing Redesign

Role: Design Lead

Billing has always been a thorn in any major telecommunication company’s side. Customers are rarely happy when paying for their phone plan, especially when many aren’t very transparent about what they are being charged for. This is where usability and empathy step in.  We were tasked with redesigning the TELUS app’s current billing system to make clearer and friendlier for customers.

Scotiabank Investment Onboarding

Role: Design Lead

We were tasked with coming up with a new way to entice customers; who did not feel like investing was for them, to start investing with Scotiabank.  This meant coming up with a new experience that was both non-invasive, but compelling at the same time.

Scotiabank Digital Styleguide

Role: User Experience and IA Contributor

In an effort to unify different Scotiabank creative teams touching North American properties. We created the Scotiabank Digital Style Guide.  The Style Guide contained specific experiencial and aesthetic rules written by both the User Interface and User Experience teams.

Playsmart Redesign

Role: Interaction Designer and Business Analyst

OLG Playsmart is a redesign of OLG’s responsible gambling website, I was tasked to design a new mobile-focused experience, while having the challenge of keeping the same content as the old site.

Open Space: An Interactive Installation

Open Space is an interactive art installation where visitors can collaboratively draw on the walls using just their cell phone. In collaboration with Artscape Daniel’s Launchpad and Hxouse, I was commissioned to come up with an engaging art installation for their by-monthly “Connections” event in downtown Toronto.

The GoodFood Toronto Art Show

This exhibit was in collaboration with Food Blogger, GoodFood Toronto. This was my first fully sponsored and paid for exhibit. The art consisted of 3D food collages in notable venues of Toronto with an extra focus on food within Diaspora communities. The sponsors consisted of; Sipsmith Gin, Omai Restaraunt and The Trinity Bellwoods BIA.

STEREO: A Glasses-less 3D Exhibit

STEREO: A Glasses-less 3D Exhibit was a natural follow-up to “Congestion in 3D” unlike its predecessor, this exhibit used lenticular technology to show 3D images without the need for glasses. In contrast to “Congestion in 3D” this exhibit did not have a social cause, but rather its purpose was to pen a love-letter to Toronto by depicting it with a unique and captivating medium. By using glasses-less 3D photography, the medium breathed life into its depictions and allowed viewers to experience Toronto with new depth.

Congestion in 3D

Congestion in 3D was my first public art show. The concept was to create an art project which captures glimpses of one of the most congested, unsustainable areas in Toronto; its transit system. The exhibit used anaglyph 3D images and sound to create a truly claustrophobic environment. The exhibit also came fully equipped with 3D glasses, allowing exhibit goers to view the photos on display and experience the full weight of the art’s oppressive effect.