Open Space

Open Space is an interactive art installation where visitors can collaboratively draw on the walls using just their cell phone. In collaboration with Artscape Daniel’s Launchpad and Hxouse, I was commissioned to come up with an engaging art installation for their by-monthly “Connections” event in downtown Toronto.

What I came up with was an interactive concept around the value of digital expression vs physical.

“When creators move to digital, our voices  become confined to a bubble. People now have to Follow, Like and Subscribe for our art to be heard. The physical space we take up is shrinking to fit our screens.

Open Space is a subversion of this, bringing art that lives in the digital world to the physical world – Making room and taking up space to be seen.”

  • The exhibit was made using open source brushes made in processing.js and custom socket programming.
  • The installation had duel projectors displaying what was drawn. One short throw aimed at a blank wall and another on a hanging piece of  transparent acrylic.
  • In order to participate, visitors only had to navigate to a website on their cell phone and use their touchscreen to draw.