Limited Run: Building Space, by MakeRoom

Another initiative by MakeRoom Inc are Limited Run collections. These collections are usually in collaboration with Corporations or Governments and take place for a limited amount of time. They are usually larger than life installations that are more involved due to its collaborative nature.

In Collaboration with the City of Toronto, MakeRoom Inc was commissioned to curate two rotating galleries that would be projected onto two major buildings within the city.

20 Artists Shown |  2 Major Buildings | 140 Attendees


  • The events took place at Scarborough Town Centre and The Richmond Adelaide Centre.
  • MakeRoom was responsible for: Artist Sourcing, Curation and Marketing of the event.
  • Keeping to our mantra of transparency, artist sourcing was done via Open Call.
  • We chose five curators and created a fair and transparent scoring system where the top 20 artists were chosen.
  • The City of Toronto provided projection technology and funding.

Scarborough Town Centre

  • The first building was the historic Scarborough Town Centre building.
  • We held an artist Meet and Greet during the first day of the display.
  • The display ran for 4 nights and featured 10 Artists.

Richmond-Adelaide Centre

  • The Richmond-Adelaide Centre is located in the heart of Downtown Toronto in the Financial District.
  • As a closer we ran an outdoor celebration in collaboration with Oxford properties, Steam Whistle and live band, BitterxBroke.
  • There were around 100 attendees, most due to COVID restrictions.
  • The display ran for 5 nights and featured 10 artists.