Playsmart Redesign

OLG Playsmart Refresh

OLG Playsmart is a redesign of OLG’s responsible gambling website, I was tasked to design a new mobile-focused experience, while having the challenge of keeping the same content as the old site.

Original Design

The Initial design had some glaring problems, not just with aesthetics but also experience. For example, navigating content was tedious as users would have to click on a main menu link and navigate to a page in order to list out individual subpages under that page.

Site Audit & Analysis

To help with design decisions, a stakeholder interview was conducted to get clear view of their goals. I then decided to do a site wide audit on details like content, structure, userflow and any challenges that are present.

Solution Design

Now that I had a good idea of the design challenges that faced this site as well as potential solutions to mitigate them, I started to put together a solutions document.

Some of the design solutions included adding “Focus Points” for the eyes to anchor on to while reading content. As well as turning sub-navigational elements into a “long-scroll” layout in order to remove architectural friction. This worked in conjunction with a “guided experience” by adding prompts to read what’s next.

Final Design

After the requirements document was completed with the low-fidelity solution, I worked closely with UI team to create the high-fidelity redesign. I also used my background in front-end development to make sure everything designed was feasible and fully estimate resourcesneeded based on time constraints.