Playsmart Redesign

OLG Playsmart Refresh

Role: Interaction Designer and Business Analyst

OLG Playsmart is a redesign of OLG’s responsible gambling website, I was tasked to design a new mobile-focused experience, while having the challenge of keeping the same content as the old site.

Original Design

  • The Initial design had some glaring problems, not just with aesthetics but also experience.
  • For example, navigating content was tedious as users would have to click the main menu and navigate to a page in order to see all the pages available associated with the page they were on.

Site Audit & Analysis

  • To help with design decisions, a stakeholder interview was conducted to get clear view of their goals.
  • They wanted a new design that was both easy to read and engaging.
  • I then decided to do a site wide audit on details like content, structure, userflow and any challenges that were present.

Interaction Design & Concepting

  • Now that I had a good idea of the design challenges that faced this site as well as potential solutions to mitigate them, I started to sketch out various concepts.
  • Some of the concepts that were chosen included adding “Focus Points” for the eyes to anchor on to while reading content. As well as turning sub-navigational elements into a “long-scroll” layout in order to remove architectural friction.
  • This worked in conjunction with a “guided experience” by adding prompts to read what’s next.

Final Design

  • After the requirements document was completed with the low-fidelity solution, I worked closely with UI team to create the high-fidelity redesign.
  • I also used my background in front-end development to make sure everything designed was feasible and fully estimate resources needed based on time constraints.