The Space Project, by MakeRoom Inc

The Space Project enables artists to submit their work to our online platform, which then gets projected on to partner gallery windows at night.

MakeRoom Inc is a non-profit I founded which operates under the philosophy of reclaiming lost space and also creating physical space for creative output. As creators moved to digital, their works lost physical real-estate, shrunken to fit to specific mediums, like phone screens. For example, if an artist posts something online, you now have to Like, Subscribe and Follow them to see their work, and even then, we are bombarded by so much information that we don’t engage with everything we may see online. But, if you pass by a painting in the real world, you automatically see it.

The intention for The Space Project is to subvert this “digital blindness”.

On a social level we also wanted to make space emerging and BIPOC artists to exit in spaces they aren’t normally invited to. BIPOC artist’s works are often marginalized by galleries. This is something we wanted to fix.

Partner Galleries include: #Hashtag Gallery, The Freedom Factory and CSI Spadina


The design for The Space Project was aimed to be extremely simple. We took inspiration from the philosophies of Google Search and WeShare; very powerful tool with minimal choices for interactions. This streamlines the customer to it’s main functions without risk of them navigating elsewhere or getting confused.

For the information architecture we took a funnel approach, where the main functionality was upfront, but information and reassurance to the customer revealed itself as they scrolled down.

Design – Schedule

Users that wanted to know when and where art was being shown could navigate to the “Schedule Page” to see which venues were active at the time and which artist was being displayed next.

Design – Gallery Page

Artist works were also available through the Gallery Page. The order was randomized to give the artists a fair chance to be shown. We also made sure linking was not broken by the randomization incase a user wanted to share the artwork.